Corporate crisis and
    insolvency proceedings department

    The Department’s professionals have significant experience in the field of Corporate Crisis and insolvency procedures, and are frequently appointed by courts – especially by the Court of Milan – for bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings, as liquidators and/or judicial commissioners, and as assistants.

    The ethics underlying the Firm’s approach to the issue of corporate crisis has led it to extend its professional services to the area of crisis prevention and recovery, working alongside debtors to carry out an in-depth analysis of the overall debt situation, in order to identify the best recovery strategy.

    In particular, the Firm assists medium-large companies in the preparation of debt restructuring agreements, proceedings and recovery plans, as well as carrying out the related extraordinary transactions. We provide services aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises as well, both out of court and in judicial proceedings, such as arrangements with creditors, liquidations and in over-indebtedness procedures (Law no. 3/2012).